Exhibitor: Electrified Thermal Solutions

Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS) is decarbonizing industry with new electric heating and storage technologies. ETS’s Joule Hive™ thermal battery turns intermittent renewable electricity into constant industrial-grade heat. It is a stack of electrically conductive firebricks in an insulated container, which may be installed on-site as a drop-in replacement to fossil fuels in even the hottest industries. The system charges by running electricity directly through the bricks to joule-heat them, circumventing the operating limits of today’s electric heaters. The same bricks store thermal energy up to 1800+oC with minimal thermal loss for hours or days until needed, ensuring the least cost electricity is used to power the system.

Find out more about Electrified Thermal Solutions: https://www.electrifiedthermal.com/

Exhibitor: Accord Energy Solutions

Accord is an experienced and independent consultancy, specialising in determining the ownership of hydrocarbons and tracking emissions. We follow products and emissions from origin to point of sale or disposal. Our work is crucial to the financial and environmental performance of our clients in the global energy industry. Our team deliver internationally using an in-depth and practical understanding of measurement, hydrocarbon accounting and emissions management regimes. We work in a range of contexts, including oil extraction, LNG production, multi-user transportation infrastructure, and carbon capture & underground storage. We deliver consulting services and related operational computer systems.

Find out more about Accord Energy Solutions: https://www.accord-esl.com/

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Exhibitor: Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries (CDI)

Established in 2021 the Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries (CDI) aims to contribute solutions for achieving net-zero manufacturing and, thus, to support the German government’s target of becoming climate neutral by 2045. By bringing together stakeholders from research and industry in interdisciplinary participatory formats, the Cluster facilitates the exchange of knowledge and technologies. With the initiation of collaborative projects, the cluster identifies innovation potentials and promotes the development and implementation of effective solutions for the decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries. More than 100 partners from different areas of energy intensive sectors reflect the variety of businesses and research institutions that are engaged in the development and implementation of decarbonisation processes.

Find out more about Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries: https://www.cluster-dekarbonisierung.de/en/home.html

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