Option 1 - BASF Schwarzheide GmbH Plant  

BASFImage source: https://www.basf.com/global/en/media/news-releases/2022/06/p-22-249.html

BASF made waves when first introducing a state of the state-of-the-art high-performance production facility for cathode active materials in Germany, but also the first fully automated large-scale cathode active materials production facility in Europe.

Opening in June 2023, we’re delighted to bringing Decarb Connect Europe attendees the chance to view the plant in action. 

This world-class battery recycling plant is Europe’s first co-located center of battery material production and battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany. It represents important steps toward closing the loop for the European battery value chain. It’s production technologies significantly reduce carbon footprint for cathode active materials.


1:00pm – Leave Berlin – Travel to BASF Schwarzheide GmbH Plant
– Welcome Reception
Presentation – Dr. Robert Preusche in BASF’s presentation room.
3:00pm – 1 Hour Site Tour – Led by Dr Robert Preusche and Dr. Daniel Bohme
4:00pm – Networking Break – Hosted in BASF’s Kulrurhaus
4.30pm – Return to Berlin

Option 2- CEMEX Roadmap & CO2 Avoidance Tech Tour at CEMEX Rüdersdorf Plant

Waste Heat Recovery web bannerImage Source: https://www.cemex.co.uk/-/cemex-further-progresses-carbon-neutral-plans-for-r%C3%BCdersdorf-plant-with-waste-heat-recovery-project

“At the Rüdersdorf cement plant, we are introducing breakthrough decarbonisation technologies that will bring the world closer to climate neutrality.” Fernando A. González, CEO, CEMEX

CEMEX entered it’s partnership with the Carbon Neutral Alliance back in 2022 with it’s aim to use innovative technologies  to transform CEMEX’s Rüdersdorf plant into the first carbon-neutral cement facility by 2030.

By 2030, CEMEX intends to reduce emissions at its European sites by 55%, in line with the European Union’s new strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. CEMEX has also announced its goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in concrete by 2050.

Take a tour of the plant to explore how CEMEX:

  • Implemented and manage a waste heat recovery project and the outcomes since the project launched in 2022
    Employs renewable energy generation
    Produce sustainable aviation fuel onsite


12:30pm – Leave The Palace Hotel – Travel to CEMEX Rüdersdorf Plant
1:30pm – Arrive at Rüdersdorf Plant – Refreshments, Networking and Restroom Break
1:50pm – Discussion with CEMEX Team

  • Cemex road map, how is this being brought to life?
  • Review of the alternative materials, how they are being sources? What is the shift from using coal? What other fuels are in consideration?
  • Exploration of avoidance technologies that are being evaluated.
  • How is CEMEX collaborating with suppliers to decarbonising scope 1/3 emissions?

Followed by Q&A.

2:3opm – Plant Tour

  • Circular blending bed
  • Raw materials Storage
  • Vertical roller mill
  • Pre-heater tower with view of quarry and village
  • Kiln
  • Control Station
  • Ball Mill

4:30pm – Return to The Palace Hotel
5:30pm – Welcome Drinks for all attendees of Decarb Connect Europe 2024 at The Palace Hotel